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2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball: Final Four Teams

Written by: on 29th March 2010 |
NCAA Final Four
2010 NCAA Men's Basketball: Final Four Teams  | read this item

The long wait is already here. NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has final reached National Semi-Finals thus Final Four Teams is already appearing in the brackets. The four teams must have been bagging something worth following and reaching this far is already a great win.

First to be included in the list is the Butler Bulldogs. Lead by coach Brad Stevens and has defeated No. 2 seeded Wildcats last Saturday. It is the teams first Final Four Qualification. Indianapolis City is very proud to have their own team in the Final Four.

Next up to join Butler is the West Virginia Mountaineers. The team is led by coach Bob Huggings who struggled a lot to the criticisms against his team. He shut them all up after making it not only to the Elite Eight but up to the Final Four by amazingly beating #1 Kentucky. A lot has been expected from this team who displayed great defense and team work.

To join the first two teams is the ever present Michigan St. Spartans. Last year, they were able to make it to the Final Four. The team is led by coach Tom Izzo who become the inspiration and father of the players.

The last but not the least and to complete the Final Four is the Duke Blue Devils. They are headed by coach Mike Krzyzewski. It was in 2001 that they were able to make it as National Champions and now they are back reaching the Final Four. The highest that they got since 2004. They defeated top seeders in their matches and has shown great skills. This team could really go all the way.

Whoever gets the championship is yet another bug questions. With this years’ strong teams, it is really hard to predict. Each team is showing unexpected turns and improvements.

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