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8001050F: Playstation Network (PSN) Error Fix and Downtime Updates

Written by: on 1st March 2010 |
8001050F: Playstation Network (PSN) Error Fix and Downtime Updates  | read this item

8001050F is the error code that annoyed a lot of PS3 users across the globe because they cannot connect to the Playstation Network. This world wide downtime phenomenon started a few hours ago and everyone’s complaining because they cannot connect online and play with their PSN friends online.

This error was said to be present only in the old PS3 consoles.

Right now, everybody’s worried of how to fix the PS3 error code 8001050F. PS3 fans boys are now waiting for the official announcement from Sony Playstation 3 of how to fix this problem. There maybe a patch or a new firmware upgrade to be released.

Patrick Seybold, Director of Corporate Communications and Social Media, announced that this problem will be fixed within 24 hours.

This is the moment when all PS3 fanboys are crying out loud while XBOX fans are rejoicing.
Let’s do hope that this network issue will be fixed soon.

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  1. unkown says:

    bull shit u mother fukers get it fixed bitches (nerds)

  2. Becky says:

    could you please keep me updated through my email address about anything that is happening to the playstation network as i would like to be back on when i can thanks

  3. lee styles says:

    how can i fix it? this is made by sony thier aspost to fix things arnt they?

  4. Simon G says:


    This is the moment when all PS3 fanboys are crying out loud while XBOX fans are rejoicing.

    Rejoicing what? The fact that the system they PAY to use hasn’t broken?

    Big deal. 24-48hrs downtime for 363-4 uninterrupted FREE online gaming? Thats a price I don’t mind paying

  5. lee styles says:

    this is poor by playstation

  6. Ivana says:

    This problem with the PSN is not just annoying users who want to play online content. Most games for the PS3 have the trophy system, when the PSN goes down and the trophies are unable to synchronize to the profile in use, one can’t even play a disc based game. When I pay $70 USD for a game and can’t play it because the trophy system won’t load, that is more than just not being able to contact or play online games. This started here in Central Florida on Sunday evening around 6pm. It is bad enough that I had to replace my entire system and lose saved games going all the way back to my original PS2 because of the “YLOD” but now I can’t even play a game because the trophy functionality won’t load from a bug in the network?? I have been a long time user of Sony platforms and I have to say, paying $150 USD then shipping and handling for a problem that has long since been attributed to the console and not the users of the consoles, when I already paid $400 plus USD for the original, and now because of this PSN “bug” regular games that one would play regardless of internet connection are not longer available because a trophy system won’t sync, is beyond ridiculous. Believe it or not, not every gamer using any platform has internet available. I talked a friend into getting a PS3 just to find out they could not play certian games with the trophy system until they had internet connection. Why would a gaming company make game play reliable on internet connection if the game itself is not an online game? The state of the world economy should suggest that internet capability is not available to everyone. Some people have to save a long time to get their gaming console. The government already is talking about a “sin” tax on video games which is going to skyrocket prices for video games like they aren’t already pretty expensive…and now we will HAVE to have internet connection to just to play a game? Something needs to be done that allows the CPU in the console to save the trophy information so that users are not required to sync with the PSN everytime they wish to play a game.

    I love my Sony PS3 but I am not happy with the current issues surrounding the PS3. I can’t access HULU through my PS3 because it has cut off PS3 users from watching on their site, my system (while fully backward compatible, with no problems running those games) died at the end of my warranty forcing me to pay Sony for them to fix or replace the unit, and now I can’t play the games I have been playing because of the trophy system not loading… all to say that as much as I love my PS3, I am beginning to regret my choice in purchasing the product.

  7. shammo99 says:

    Actually, its not limited to the online games.. I tried loading up Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 last night and because it can’t download trophies from PSN, it quits game.

    I’ve spent an hour thinking it was my home network and trying different things.

    Next time i’ll just check here! Thanks for the heads up.

  8. Low_Life_Knight says:

    so its only the old ps3s then because im not getting a new 1 if they cant fix it i will just leave ps3.

  9. MrSmee says:

    Firstly WTF!- don’t the guys who run the network “think”?- this is totally silly, i too have just spent about an hour re-wiring my house’s internet thinking the problem was “mine” not the PS3’s… , why did i sign up to the playstation email service if they’re not going to use it to inform people of such problems. I defend my playstation daily from attacks from my “xpox” buddies and when stuff like this happens i’m not only asking myself WHY? but is it worth it!. The answers still YES of course but times a ticking… lets hope they fix the problem soon and double think what they’re doing from now on… otherwise the error code “throwmeaway” might come sooner than later!

  10. chrissy c says:

    how long are we expecting too wait because it wont evin let me update a game after waiting 15 mins and then telling me it failed=[

  11. craig gibson says:

    !!!FIX!!! fix ps3 psn error code ‘8001050F’ !!!!FIX PS3!!!

    i have fixed this problem and all my posted to sonys forums have been banned and blocked and deleted….they have stopped me tellin people hpw to fix this problem now am the first first to fix this problem and i had found this problem within 3 hours of it happening now why cant sony do this hmmm

    well check my video on youtube and get gaming again trust me it works read what people have said


    theres my link to my video

  12. jnkns_chrstphr says:

    They say the newest slim line models arent affected by the bug which means if they cant fix this problem then they by law need to replace our current systems with new 250gig models as its their fault not ours and if they dont replace them then they will have one of the biggest law suits in history, which they WILL lose. either way we will be back online before you know it, Sony cant afford to let this mess continue and cost them millions.

  13. Lachlan Wilson says:

    This is shit! i waited all day to find out wht was wrong with the network and still not found out yet! HURRY UP AND FIX IT OR IM GOING TO GET AN “XBOX”

  14. Ivana says:

    Craig that is awesome! I completely agree that if someone not affiliated with Sony can find a solution then Sony should have already fixed this problem.

    I am very good with disassembly and reassembly but not all people are and if someone does not have the proper tools or inclination for repair then waiting for the Sony fix is the best option if your warranty is still in effect.

    Thank you Craig!

  15. Wayne says:

    hmm ok for a coding error i am going to strip my PS3 apart when Sony will have a patch in 24 hours hmmm no thanks.

  16. mickyshmit says:

    this had happened befour why yet again the game network has gone down again this is sony for f**ks ake

  17. Bhavin says:

    Mines working now.

  18. Kiery-G says:

    well the problem seems to be sorted now, as soon as it turned 00:00 2 march. turned ps3 back on and its all working fine again. and all my dlc and games are working perfectly again.

  19. sim says:

    it’s happened again, internet connection is fine, PSN connection is awful. any ideas?

  20. Princess Kitana says:

    Reports says that ps3 error 8001050f code is an error in the internal settings of ps3 which only affected the ps3 fats, but not all of them.Sony says it’s just a bug in the clock functionality which caused the inability to log in. And it fixed itself already. It’s not that they deliberately installed a bug in there so that we’ll be forced to buy the new ps3 slim.

  21. radesan rules says:

    I have a ps3 slim and it has the same problem as the fat one. Now i am starting to think sony is shit and microsoft is better.