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99ers Holds Successful Rally in New York

Written by: on 15th August 2010 |
99ers Holds Successful Rally in New York

Protest and rally by '99ers, job-hunters who have been out of work so long their unemployment benefits have run out, on the steps of Federal Hall on Wall Street. The group and their supporters are demanding that the Senate pass the Tier 5 unemployment extension. Original Filename: DSC_0499.JPG  | read this item

99ers Holds Successful Rally in New York and Demands Tier 5 Extension – The long awaited and publicized 99ers rally on August 12 had finally been held and it had been a successful rally although till now the Tier 5 Extension Bill for 99ers is still a long shot.

The current status of the Stabenow Bill also known as the “American Wants to Work Act” is caught stagnant during the US Congress recess. This bill contains the needed extension sought for by 99ers.

Thousands of 99ers join the 99ers rally in New York demanding that US Representatives and US Senators provides them with what they deserve as American citizens.

“A man without a job is like a man that does not exist,” said 99er Rubin Edwards, 48, of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, who came to the rally dressed n a suit and tie. “I hope and pray for my future in America today.”

In WWNN itself, we have received many troubling comments about the current status of unemployed Americans who belong to the 99ers group. Statistics says that they are now about 1.4 million but might had in fact reached as many as 4 million already.

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The group who protested at the New York Federal hall is demanding that unemployment benefits be extended to include them. At present, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) had already co-sponsored a bill that would create extensions in states with unemployment rates of 7.5% or higher.

“Are you going to tell us, President Obama and Congress, that our lives are not worth saving?” asked 99er Connie Kaplan.

For a detailed news about the 99ers New York rally please CLICK HERE.

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