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Aaron Rodgers Ensures A 100%-Fit Self For Super Bowl XLV

Written by: on 31st January 2011 |
Aaron Rodgers Ensures A 100%-Fit Self For Super Bowl XLV  | read this item

Super Bowl XLV has been the talk of the town lately as the event gets nearer. The Arlington, Texas is more than ready to welcome the fans of the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers as their team will face each other this coming February 6, 2011. Sports site owners are already posting their Super Bowl 2011 live stream updates. Fox is also covering the event live so there is no reason that you can’t watch it.

Meanwhile, it has been known to all that football is truly an injury-harboring sport. There isn’t any football game without a serious injury. It is really inevitable and sometimes, these injuries could prevent you to play on your next game. After the NFC championship game last weekend, Packers’ coach Mike McCarthy brought up that that QB Aaron Rodgers had a sore back which he obtained from Bears defensive back Danieal Manning during his 1-yard touchdown run in the first quarter of the game.

It was later on denied by Rodgers and guaranteed the Packers fans that he is 100% fit to win. “Contrary to any reports out there, I didn’t suffer a concussion and I don’t know what Mike was talking about as far as my shoulder,” Rodgers said. “I’m good to go, 100 percent.”

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