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Alex Jone’s Obama Deception Censored; Fall of the Republic Too

Written by: on 19th July 2010 |
Alex Jone's Obama Deception Censored; Fall of the Republic Too  | read this item

Obama Deception Censorship Update – Alex Jones had released his official statement at Infowars.com regarding the alleged censorship of his movies, “Obama Deception” and “Fall of the Republic.”

Yesterday we have reported about the giant leap in the viewership of the movie Obama Deception where it hit beyond the six million mark. Earlier today we received reports that Obama Deception was censored. The admin of the YouTube Channel, ChangeDaChannel already released his official reaction.

We manage to get a new link on the Obama Deception censored video (accessible here) and although I personally believe that this is more of a far-fetched theory and beyond reality we still invite people to make their own judgement.

Apparently it was not only the movie that was censored but Alex Jone’s Facebook pages had also been removed, as well as websites which exhibited the Tea Party flag and logo. Whether this was really done by Facebook over that fact or for some other issue they still have to make their comment on the allegations.

Here is the official statement of Alex Jones over Obama Deception censored video and also the censorship of Fall of the Republic.

YouTube Preview Image

Where these true or just fabricated? Did they delete the video and accounts themselves to create more popularity and stir interest? Share us what you think.

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  2. Mike Goodwin says:

    Why bother to stir up interest if the video was already the first listed by Google? It was getting 100,000 hits per day! Check your facts! You can’t use these facts against Alex Jones, you NWO plants!

  3. Mike Goodwin says:

    Whoops! Typo! Here’s my website

  4. Mike Goodwin says:

    aaarrrgghh try this one. goddammit i need my glasses!