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Algeria vs Slovenia World Cup 2010 Highlights

Written by: on 14th June 2010 |
Algeria vs Slovenia World Cup 2010 Highlights  | read this item

Everyone thinks it was going 0-0 for the game but then something happened on the 79th minutes, Rober Koren made that lucky goal to pull a win against Slovenia 1-0. They are now at first place in Group C surpassing England and the United States.

“I was just lucky to see it go in like that,” Koren said.

The Algerian coach, Rabah Saadane blamed their lost on the new World Cup ball but why blame a ball if the game is all about strategy, tactics and player’s ability? I find it a very weird remark from a professional coach.

Koren’s goal today will be registered as his 5th international goal. Thanks to Koren because he made it possible for Slovenia to grab its first ever World Cup victory. Slovenia lost all three group matches during the 2002 World Cup tournament.

Algeria will be facing England next Friday. It is a more difficult game since England is considered the most powerful team in every World Cup. “We must recover and prepare for an even more difficult match against England, which is the best of the group,” Saadane said.

Meanwhile here are the highlights of Algeria vs Slovenia…

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  1. supporter says:

    algeria coach is right..the ball is just far too light,even england’s goal keeper had a slip when catching the ball..overall gd game from both sides

  2. Mioboo says:

    […] the first game, Slovenia demolished Algeria to be on top of Group C ahead of USA and Australia (see highlights).  Ghana then defeated Serbia on the second game, 1-0 and become the first African team to win at […]