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Algerian coast guard vessel collided: 1 Migrant Died

Written by: on 8th August 2009 |
Algerian coast guard vessel collided: 1 Migrant Died  | read this item

After an Algerian coast guard vessel collided with boats carrying migrants, 11 are missing and one was confirmed dead. This unfortunate collision happened off the eastern port city of Annaba.

Reports say that those on board chanted “we’ll pass or we’ll die” when they were surrounded. And there were than 70 people have failed to escape by boat in the past two days and more than 400 people had been intercepted by the Annaba coast guard this year.

El Watan reported that 2 migrant boats was swallowed by oblivion into the sea. This happened late Saturday night.

All in all 18 people were injured, including one person who had to have a leg removed surgically, the local paper said.

Annaba is a place in Algeria for young, unfortunate and unemployed people who attempt to escape using these old boats, hoping to find a good job and a better life in Europe.

[via: BBC News]

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