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American Idol: Kara DioGuardi Out; Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez In

Written by: on 31st July 2010 |
Steven Tyler
American Idol: Kara DioGuardi Out; Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez In  | read this item

Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez to Join Randy Jackson in American Idol – The shake up of American Idol continues as the wild fire of resignation and goodbyes had reached its maximum. Kara DioGuardi was the last to leave the American Idol judges panel. It was rumored that she was fired by American Idol management over reasons still unknown.

Last year, Paula Abdul left American idol and she was then repleaced by Kara DioGuardi. At the beginning of American Idol Season 9, Simon Cowell said that Season 9 will be his last season and ended it is. Season 9 was also the last Season for 3 of the 4 judges.

Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez will now be joining Randy Jackson when American Idol begins in January 2011. Steven Tyler is the lead vocalist of Aerosmith and had been a very successful performer. He and his band earned the Rock Hall of Fame Award. Aerosmit music and concerts were always sold out.

Jennifer Lopez is also a great performer and actress. Her expertise will play a vital role in making the right decision during American Idol Season 10 performances.

The partnership between Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler is yet untested but am sure that this will be rather very exciting. Expect more competition in American Idol Season 10 as well since the show now opens audition to 15 year old teenagers.

So there you go… the three American idol Season 10 judges: Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

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  2. Yeah, Jennifer Lopez is a great performer and singer! Including a great actress, she’s one of the people who have been famous for the right reasons!