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America’s Got Talent Results; First 4 Selected

Written by: on 15th July 2010 |
America's Got Talent Results; First 4 Selected  | read this item

America’s Got Talent Results 12 of 48 – The first four of the top 48 selected contestants for America’s Got Talent had been selected.

A new rule was also implemented this season, as the judges will get to choose the last spot winner and 3 or 75% will be given to the audience choice.

The guest for America’s Got Talent for its first elimination night were Selena Gomez singing Round and Round Round, also present were Rock of Ages and Twisted Sister. Rock of Ages performed two song numbers.

Then the presentation begins. There are four groups to perform during the night the first group were composed of Sally Cohn, Airpocalypse and Nathaniel Kenyon. In this group guitar singer Nathaniel Kenyon won.

Group 2 performers includes Nick Pike, KungFu Heroes, and Fighting Gravity. It seems that among the judges the performance act of Fighting Gravity did impress the audience.

Then comes Group 3 which includes Hot Shot Tap Dancers, Maricar and Cristina and Ali. The Hot Shot Tap Dancers were seen as the favorite of this group however, it seems that the sad story of Cristina and Ali put voters to choose them over the rest.

The last group winner will be selected by the judges. This group includes Paul Safy Jr, Future Funk, and RNG. The judges were particularly impressed with the hip hop moves of Future Fun and thus the duo were selected by the judges.

There you go guys America’s Got Talent Results among the first 12 of the 48 contestants and moving on to the next round are Nathaniel Kenyon, Fighting Gravity, Cristina and Ali and Future Funk.

The judges of America’s Got Talent includes Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel. Nick Cannon hosts the show.

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