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Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference Focuses on “Antennagate”

Written by: on 17th July 2010 |
Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference Focuses on "Antennagate"  | read this item

Steve Jobs Speaks at Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference – “There is no Antennagate,” Steve Jobs stresses as he personally stand in front of the media over issues of the new Apple iPhone 4’s signal problems. Users of the new Apple iPhone 4 says that their signals dropped when the phone is handled using the left hand.

Steve Jobs also points out that there are only 0.55% complaints regarding the problem of the iPhone 4’s antenna and points to the Press Conference that it is highly an insignificant number. However, Jobs admits that the iPhone 4 drops less 1 call in a 100 more than the 3GS.

“We’re not perfect. Phone’s aren’t perfect. We want to make all our users happy,” well that is what the presentation of Steve Jobs starts with during the Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference and Jobs is in the offensive during the whole event.

He said that the media and the press ad blown out the Apple iPhone 4 antenna problems out of proportion where in fact this is not that big of an issue. He even called the Bloomberg article as “a crock”.

Steve Jobs also said that the problem with the Apple iPhone 4’s antenna is not unique to the iPhone 4. He then identified other phones which had similar issues like Blackberry Bold 9700, HTC Droid Eris, and Samsung Omnia II.

Steve Jobs virtually boast about the capability of Apple and its company to produce state of the art gadgets. During the Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference, Jobs also rely heavily on data. He said that ATT return rates for early shipments put the iPhone 4 is at 1.7% against the iPhone 3GS at 6%.

Now here’s the solution for the “Antennagate” or the antenna problem on Apple iPhone 4. Apple will be giving out FREE case/bumper and will ask users to update to iOS 4.0.1. For those who had already bought them, Apple will issue a refund.

The free case/bumper offer only goes until 30th September, Jobs says so you better hurry. After the 30th Jobs says that Apple will reevaluate the issue.

A ZDNet survey taken live during the Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference reveals that iPhone 4 users are not happy with the free bumper solution offered by Steve Jobs, 62% says they are not happy while 38% are satisfied.

The most funny statement during the Apple iPone 4 Press Conference was this, “Smartphones have weak spots, we make ours extremely noticeable.”

Now you be the judge. Are you satisfied or not? The thing is there would be no recall because Apple made it, it is always the best and deal with that. Well, for users that is a lame excuse.

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  1. Johnny Allan says:

    Will modifications be made in the production of future iPhone 4s to overcome this ‘problem’ or is it here to stay ?