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Apple Snow Leopard Launches on Friday, August 28

Written by: on 24th August 2009 |
Apple Snow Leopard Launches on Friday, August 28  | read this item

The much anticipated software from Apple, the Snow Leopard will be available for Mac users beginning August 28, Friday.

Many users are excited to see the advertised improvements in the Snow Leopard including a smaller install footprint, faster operation and tweaks to the system architecture that enhance overall speed and performance.


While the switch from Apple’s Tiger operating system to Leopard was said to be a significant step up in functionality, Apple has admitted that Snow Leopard is an iterative improvement.

Operating software rival, Windows 7 is confident that it is ready for a head on battle for sales volume once it officially launches on October 22.

So given the choice, will you go for a Mac with Snow Leopard or a PC with Windows 7?

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  1. jehzlau says:

    ay.. totoo pala to. Kala ko hindi totoo. hehe