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Barclays Golf Tournament 2010 Update

Written by: on 27th August 2010 |
Barclays Golf Tournament 2010 Update  | read this item

Barclays Golf Tournament 2010 Update – American golfers Tiger Woods and Vaugn Taylor are tied for the top spot at the ongoing PGA Tour Barclays Golf Tournament 2010 at Ridgewood Country Club, New Jersey, Woord and Taylor each scored six under par at 65 strokes. The two were followed by Ryan Palmer, Bryan Gay and Adam Scott each at 5 under.

Tiger Woods said that he is excited with his good start. In fact this is so far the best start Tiger Woods ever had since the 2010 gold season started. In previous PGA Gold Tournaments 2010, Woods placed beyond the 20th place.

During Round 1 of Barclays Golf Tournament 2010, Tiger Woods made 7 birdies, 10 pars and 1 bogey so far. His driving accuracy is at 92.86% and is indeed one of his highest this year.

“It’s exciting to hit the ball flush like this again,” Woods said. “It’s something I’ve been missing all year. I haven’t hit it flush. And it felt good to hit the ball and shape it both ways and really hit it through the wind. I’ve hit so many shots … this year that haven’t been hit flush enough to get through the wind. But today I was doing it all day.”

Perhaps we will see more of Tiger Woods in this PGA Tournament at Barclays Golf Tournament 2010. So far Woods started the ranked 112th this year and if he wins this one, the 2,500 points will let him be back in shape. Woods is still the number 1 ranked golf player worldwide.

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