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BP Oil Spill Live Feed Update July 18: Oil Cap Testing Extended

Written by: on 18th July 2010 |
BP Oil Spill Live Feed Update July 18: Oil Cap Testing Extended  | read this item

BP Oil Spill Live Feed Update: New Ships, Whale Skimmer Out – The BP Oil spill is still sealed but testing on the new oil cap is being extended by another 24 hours. The spill cam which produces our BP Oil Spill live feed updates still shows no oil gushing from the blown out oil rig on the Gulf of Mexico.

BP is also planning to bring in two more oil collection vessels, bring the number of ships to four in the Gulf of Mexico. The latest oil skimmer, “A Whale” will no longer be included in the cleaning operation as it had been found unsuited for the job after rigorous and extensive testing.

Upon the arrivals of the additional ships the containment capacity is expected to be increased to 80,000 barrels (about 3.4 million gallons) of oil a day. This number is more than high-end estimates of how much oil had been leaking.

The previous testing’s 48-hour window set by BP for pressure testing had already expired Saturday afternoon with no reports of oil flowing or evidence that the new sealing cap caused further damage.

“We will immediately return to containment, using the new, tighter sealing cap with both the [vessels] Helix Producer and the Q4000,” says Retired Adm. Thad Allen who is overseeing the Gulf of Mexico oil spill response team.

The monitoring team recorded the latest pressure reading inside the well at 6,745 psi (pounds per square inch). BP Senior Vice President Kent Wells says that this reading falls short of the optimal 8,000 to 9,000 psi needed in order to conclude without doubt the well is not leaking.

Sonar vehicles are also deployed in the area to ensure that there is no leak in other parts of the oil rig. The fear is that if pressure tends to be lower it might mean that the oil is flowing in another part of the oil rig and this might result in further damage and greater problems.

“The longer the test goes the more confidence we have in it,” Wells told reporters in a conference call Saturday. “There’s no evidence we don’t have integrity.”

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  1. TEDWINT says:

    That’s it?
    The A Whale doesn’t work?
    Where is the lame stream media’s outraged demand for documentation of the A Whale’s failed test results?
    You know they should be screaming their lungs out… but then, of course, they are on the Obama team!
    Were reliable oil industry experts present during these tests to verify the relevance and fairness of their results?
    Or were the tests designed and witnessed by Ken Salazar, Eric Holder and Lisa Jackson and other Obama Administration toadies who were instructed to “Make damned sure that the A Whale fails”?

    I think that any oil that the A Whale can scarf up is a huge benefit to the cleanup operation and any tests or regulations (including the Jones Act) that the administration can dream up to try to hinder the great work that this behemoth can do for the people of the Gulf Coast should be summarily scrapped ASAP!!
    And to hell with the unions!!
    It is obvious to me that this administration wants the BP oil spill to be so historically cataclysmic (and it ain’t bad enough to suit them, yet) that drilling for oil in the future will be regarded as an unthinkable evil for decades to come.