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BP Oil Spill Update: BP Oil Spill Worst Spill in World History

Written by: on 4th August 2010 |
BP Oil Spill Update: BP Oil Spill Worst Spill in World History  | read this item

BP Oil Spill Worst Spill in History – It had finally been confirmed that the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill had been the worst oil spill in the entire world history. The oil spill which started in April after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and lasted for 100 days before being contained is also far from over.

Official figures released by experts who are investigating the BP Oil Spill said that the BP well has released about five million barrels or around 210 million gallons of oil to the Gulf of Mexico during the entire duration of the spill.

These BP oil spill updated figures is 20 times more oil than what was leaked during the Exxon Valdez spill, the previous record holder of the worst oil spill in American history.

The same figures of the BP oil spill had easily surpassed the 3.3 millions barrels released during the Ixtoc Spill. The Ixtoc Spill occured in Mexico in 1979 at the Bay of Campeche off the eastern coast of Mexico.

With this development BP is expected to be fined around $5.4 billion to $21 billion and is still dependent on the final findings of the federal investigators investigating the BP oil spill incident.

Meanwhile, the environmental effect of the oil spill is not yet very clear. Though some says that everything will be back to normal there is one fact that had occurred in the affected area, that is the annual dip in oxygen levels along the Gulf shoreline.”

How big is this shoreline and affected area? Well, interestingly it’s the area the size of Massachusetts

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