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BP Oil Spill Update: Obama Shirtless Swimming at Gulf of Mexico

Written by: on 17th August 2010 |
BP Oil Spill Update: Obama Shirtless Swimming at Gulf of Mexico  | read this item

Obama Shirtless Swimming To Prove Safe Waters? – President Barack Obama had been caught recently swimming shirtless with daughter Sasha at Florida waters. These waters had been part of those affected by the BP oil spill.

It seems that the photo op with Sasha and President Obama is a way to show Americans that the Gulf of Mexico is still a place to vacation despite the oil spill. Also, it is an attempt to say that the Obama administration had been very successful in handling the BP oil spill.

The Obama shirtless photo was released by the White House in a propaganda effort for the Gulf of Mexico. Since the photo was released the trend for “Obama shirtless” went up hoping to see a scandalous Obama photo, however there was nothing scandalous to it.

“It should really help people’s perception of the region to see Obama bringing his family there. The message seems to be: it’s safe, come on down!” says Tucson voter Sean Thomason.

“I didn’t care what President Obama wears; I am just glad to see him swimming in the Gulf!” he added.

Beside the photo above another Obama shirtless photo circulated and this time he was indeed shirtless. The other photo as seen below are taken during Obama and his family’s vacation in Hawaii in 2008.

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