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BP Oil Spill Update: Obama Sings Kick Ass Song for BP

Written by: on 8th August 2010 |
BP Oil Spill Update: Obama Sings Kick Ass Song for BP  | read this item

Obama Sings Kick Ass Song for BP Oil Spill – President Barack Obama, the United States and the entire world had been so mad at BP Plc for their mishandling of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It took BP more than 100 days to seal the Deepwater Horizon oil well. They have tried to do it on low budget and they failed miserably. (Note:  Republishing due to typo with article title)

Here is an Obama interview that was auto-tuned in YouTube. This gives us a little defocus and smile amidst the crisis of the BP oil spill and the daily coverage and focus we have on the BP Oil Spill update and the BP Live Cam Update.

Sometimes we need to get a smile and make fun a bit of what’s happening. This does not mean however that we are ignoring the long term effects of the BP oil spill, it’s just that we want to relax for a while.

So here is President Barack Obama singing the Kick Ass BP oil Spill song.

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  1. Steevo says:

    I haven’t been to your site before but if you’re not like so many from the UK seemingly indifferent to the real victims off the coast having a fit Obama said British instead of Beyond then the humor is well taken. I suspect he got more than an earful from many here in the States trying to play up populist hate after we were pissed he, was seemingly indifferent.

  2. This article is just plain and simple humor and no indifference meant. WWNN had been in full coverage of the BP Oil spill and BP Plc had to pay in full for the damages caused by their very clear negligence.

  3. Steevo says:

    I appreciate your honesty.

    I think he’s the most thin-skinned president we’ve had at least in recent memory. He’s the aggrieved, the victim, with motives of a deeper, higher calling. Those who oppose selfish, callous and greedy.