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BP Photoshop and Fake Photos Stirs Controversy

Written by: on 21st July 2010 |
HIVE at Houston Command Center
BP Photoshop and Fake Photos Stirs Controversy

HIVE at Houston Command Center 16 July 2010.  | read this item

BP Faked Photos of Command Center – A clearly Photoshopeed and doctored photo of the BP Texas Command Center surfaced earlier today. The photo shows BP Live Feed monitors monitoring the spill cam operation.

The first notice of the doctored BP photos were first discovered by John Aravosis of AMERICAblog last Monday night. The photo clearly shows an alteration in at least three screens in the high-resolution image on BP’s website showing BP’s Houston-based Deepwater Horizon response command center.

Later on BP admitted to the alteration of the image and the photo was removed and replaced with what they say is the original photo. The BP fake photo seems to show that they are monitoring everything and all are functioning well, while the truth is three of their monitors are off and blank.

For the details and photo comparison check out Upshot here.

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