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Breast Cancer Awareness “I Like It”

Written by: on 6th October 2010 |
Breast Cancer Awareness "I Like It"  | read this item

Breast Cancer Awareness “I Like It” – “I like it on Facebook.” “I like it on the couch.” “I like it on the floor.” “I like it on my desk.” Wonder what all these sentences are? Well they are the official Facebook status campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. Women and breast cancer awareness supporters are answering the question, “Where do you like to put your purse?”

Personally, I do not get the idea of the campaign and how it would help raise breast cancer awareness. However, if we look at the trend it created on Google and the viral effect it has on Facebook people began asking about what it it. When people become curious and ask for what this thing is about, “I like it on the floor” and “I like it on Facebook” become meaningful sentences.

People’s attention need to be caught before you can really talk to them about breast cancer specially if you are talking to males. These words and sentences catches the attention on everyone and I think that as an attention grabber it does work.

So let us all support thee “Breast Cancer Awareness I Like It” campaign. All you have to do is update your status on Facebook with an answer to the question, “Where do you like to leave your purse or wallet?”

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