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California Off Road Race Killed 8 People

Written by: on 15th August 2010 |
California Off Road Race Killed 8 People  | read this item

An unexpected disastrous event happened while the race is going on in the California 200. It is a 200 mile race in Soggy Dry Lake Bed in the Mojave Desert. The accident happened shortly after the race started when one racer lost control, went airborne and landed on the a number spectators.

Officer Joaquin Zubieta of the California Highway Patrol responded to the accident and has confirmed six spectators to have died at the scene. Nine others were airlifted to local hospitals, two of whom died later in the evening.

The victims’ ages were ranging to 20s to late 40s whose names were withheld pending positive identification and notification of family. No charges has been filed to the racer yet and his name was not yet disclosed as well. Racing officials were being questioned by investigators past 3 a.m. Sunday and declined to comment about the incident.

The site wherein the accident happened was unfortunately not guarded with any rails that separates the crowd for the fast moving vehicles. “There was dust everywhere, people screaming, people running,” photographer David Conklin told the AP. “When I got up to the vehicle, I could tell that several people were trapped. There were just bodies everywhere.”

The unnamed driver needed to get away from area to avoid the raging crowd.

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  1. carouser says:

    The controversy now lies in whose responsibility it was to have a safe track for both drivers and spectators.

    The Bureau of Land Management has released a statement; explained that safety was the responsibility of the race organizer, Mojave Desert Racing, out of South El Monte, California.  According to Mojave Desert Racing’s permit, it states that the drivers can only travel 15 mph or less when within 50 feet of the spectators, and there can be no more than 300 spectators at the event. Responsibility should fall on all parties involved, both the BLM and the MDR. When you have innocent spectators’ bodies launching onto the track as a speeding truck hits them; it’s no time to point fingers.