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Carrie Underwood Wedding Costs $500,000?

Written by: on 10th July 2010 |
Carrie Underwood Wedding Costs $500,000?  | read this item

It’s a weekend of vows for Hollywood this week and perhaps the more anticipated than any other wedding or the Germany vs Uruguay match is the Carrie Underwood wedding which is rumored to cost $500,000. Carrie Underwood is getting married to NHL player Mike Fisher at the Reynolds Plantation, Greensboro, about 75 miles east of Atlanta.

Do you think that’s expensive? Well, not quite if you’re earning like the two. Fisher makes $4 million a year for the Ottawa Senators. Carrie Underwood, based on estimates, made $14 million from mid-2008 through mid-2009.

No doubt she has made as much if not more the past year from touring and proceeds from her latest album. Her post “Idol” earnings probably exceed $40 million since 2005, when she won.

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