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Celebrate National Coffee Day: Have A Cup

Written by: on 30th September 2010 |
Celebrate National Coffee Day: Have A Cup  | read this item

Celebrate National Coffee Day: Have A Cup – September 29 is National Coffee Day and it is a day to experience and savor a good and wonderful cup of coffee. Coffee is perhaps the most popular drink in the world and almost all people have once in their life drink a cup of coffee.

In celebration of the National Coffee Day 2010, some places in the United States are offering free coffee today. National chain LaMars will give you a free coffee with a printable coupon. Select Dunkin Donuts locations are offering free coffee. Popular chain Starbucks, however, is not offering any promotions, well we wonder why since they had been one of the most admired and patronized coffee shops in the world.

The earliest reference to coffee in written history dates back to the 15th century, however, the existence of coffee had been for years years back. The main source of coffee, the plant itself originated from Ethiopia in Africa. According to accounts Coffee is said to have been discovered by a goatherd called Kaldi and later, coffee has spread to Egypt and Yemen, and later in the whole world.

As of today most of the world’s coffee production is made in Brazil. The plantations in this country have transformed the coffee from a delight reserved only for the richest into the blessing for all that it is today.

So what is the best way to celebrate National Coffee Day? Well grab a cup of coffee with your friends, do something fun and be happy today.

Happy National Coffee Day!

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  1. ASAF says:

    I work in coffee farm and am ready to celebrate coffee day.