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Chavez Warns US Oil Sales Cutoff if Colombia Dispute Escalates

Written by: on 26th July 2010 |
Chavez Warns US Oil Sales Cutoff if Colombia Dispute Escalates  | read this item

An ongoing dispute in Colombia which certainly irked Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez prompted him into threatening the cutting of oil sales to the United States. Chavez said that if Venezuela is attacked by its neighbor Colombia, a known US ally they will be forced to cut off oil sales.

Columbia and the United States is accusing Venezuela of cuddling Colombian rebels, an action which the Colombian government says is provocative of a strike against these rebels even if they are inside Venezuela.

Hugo Chaves made the staunch warning against the United States in an outdoor speech he made in front of thousands of supporters, “If there is any armed aggression against Venezuela from Colombian territory or anywhere else supported by the Yankee empire, we … would suspend shipments of oil to the United States!”

Even though the threat seems something very powerful, the effect of an oil embargo against the United States will hurt Venezuela and Hugo Chavez more than the United States. The US is the top buyer of oil from Venezuela and if this stopped it might be an economic catastrophe for Hugo Chavez’s government.

Colombia though have not given any verbal message of a military action seems to be posturing for any possibilities. The Colombian government had released photos, videos and maps of what outgoing President Alvaro Uribe said were Colombian rebel camps inside Venezuela.

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