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Chile Miners Rescue Live on Television Worldwide

Written by: on 14th October 2010 |
Chile Miners Rescue Live on Television Worldwide  | read this item

Chile Miners Rescue Live on Television Worldwide – 33 miners had been trapped in a collapsed mine in Peru and for two months these miners have to live in the dangerous and hazardous condition inside those mines. For the families of the 33 miners trapped it seems that there will be no hope for the miners but their appeal to the Chilean government and to the owner of the mines were answered immediately.

As of the writing of this news article more than half of the miners trapped inside the mine had been rescued. The Chile miners rescue had been a worldwide event where people became curious of how the Chile miners will be rescued through an extraction facility made.

The jubilation of the families and the rescued miners cannot be explained as one by one they are reunited with their family. Witness the continuing rescue of the Chile miners through the Chilean miners rescue live stream on UStream below.

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