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Christians Celebrate Easter Sunday

Written by: on 3rd April 2010 |
Easter Sunday
Christians Celebrate Easter Sunday  | read this item

Christians all over the world are now celebrating Easter Sunday. It is the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Aside from the Christmas celebration, Easter mass is one the mostly attended mass in Christian churches. The Lenten Season or the Holy week is week-long commemoration of the journey of Jesus to the cross up to the day that He has risen. Easter Sunday is the day that He has risen. It is celebrated to end the Holy Week.

In some Christian churches, specifically the Catholic Churches, there would be dawn mass wherein singing of joyful hymns will take as the risen Jesus meet up with His mother Mary. Children in angel costumes will sing these hymns as they throw flower confetti to the crowd.

Easter hunting will take place during the day. These eggs are unique because it comes in different colors. These are hard boiled eggs painted artistically. Hunting of these eggs is major parlor game of the day and some are giving cash prizes to the person who was get the most number of eggs.

Some Christian families would celebrate Easter by going to beaches and resorts. It is also one of the days of the year wherein they could spend quality time within the family.

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