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Christopher Nolan’s Inception Originality in Question

Written by: on 4th August 2010 |
Christopher Nolan's Inception Originality in Question  | read this item

Was Inception Original? – Perhaps this is the main question hunting people who have already watched the already three week top grosser film of Christopher Nolan entitled Inception. The film some says had odd similarities to a Disney cartoon comic book.

The comic book which is being dragged into Inception as the one which introduced the original dream invasion concept was in fact already featured in this Scrooge McDuck comic. In the comic book thieves tries to invade the mind of Uncle Scrooge so that they can get the combination to his safety deposit vault.

Some of those who have seen it created a new tagline, “Your duck-mind is the scene of the duck-crime!”

In another last minute information, Inception made another controversy when some of those who watched it discovered that the awesome floating hallway fight-scene which forms the core of the awesomeness of the movie was said to be taken directly from a GummiBears Christmas Special.

For those who want to read the full version of the Uncle Scrooge Inception like experience check out “Uncle Scrooge in The Dream of a Lifetime.”

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