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Considering Organic Farming As You Retire

Written by: on 2nd November 2011 |
Considering Organic Farming As You Retire  | read this item

Choosing the right investment upon reaching retirement age is very essential. At this point of time, employment ends and should have saved that much to sustain the demanding life that you used to have. Not unless you’ve become a business mogul an owns a large profit generating company then retiring isn’t an issue for you. But for those who have been employed for the rest of their adult years, they would most likely be depending on their bank savings and have it generate income until they die.

Social entrepreneur Chris Bech and his Filipina wife Theresa has been helping retirees manage their retirement funds by engaging them to organic farming. They are real estate business couple and organic farming isn’t just the only option that they can offer you. Some of their expat friends who chose to settle in the Philippines for good chose organic farming while others with larger amount of savings chose to build beach resorts.

Organic farming is not just a profitable business but a way of living healthy eventually. You will be exposed to natural farming and most likely you would be eating your own produce. Because you won’t be using commercial fertilizers, your expenses would be lessen aside from the fact that your organic products can be sold at a higher price in the market. Not only that, organic farming require more manpower and in that way you can provide more jobs to the locals in the area.

This is just one of the numerous great investments that you can have when you retire. It would be better if you stay away from the busy cities and settle in a quite and peaceful farmland.

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