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» James Guttenburg – the EIC of WWNN.co.uk also known as the World Wide News Network. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Genetic Engineering from Oxford University in the year 2001. He’s currently working as a chief editor for WWNN.co.uk and an IT consultant for American Data Exchange Corporation.

Associate Editors

» Fitzpatrick Stevenson – awarded as one of the Top 10 outstanding news writers in Europe. He loves to write, take pictures with his Nikon D3S and play backgammon whenever he wants to.
» Robin John McWell – a Cum Laude from Singapore National University. He’s a computer geek who loves PHP, ASP.NET, and Coldfusion programming. He won more than 30 awards in different programming marathons in Asia and Europe.
» Olivia Crawford – a born writer. She loves to write, write and write. She was once a president of the Writer’s Guild in Stanford University. She was also a part time professor in NYU after graduate from Stanford.

Managing Editors

» Greg Zimmerman – well-known for his paintings and other works of art, Zimmerman is now a proud Managing Editor for WWNN.co.uk. He was once a News Contributor, but now he made a big leap and decided to become an editor for this website.
» Halley Shane Muffet – a Computer Science graduate from MIT. She’s the one of the best creative writers from Massachusetts. She also one several essay writing awards from various national writing competitions in the US.

News Researchers

» Charles Martel
» Screek Royce
» Maple Hamilton
» Crissy Jane Co
» Maggie Huffington
» Matt Lewis Streighard


» Vendish Seganya
» Tim Yong Soon
» James Haverland
» Mark Spencer Blackstone
» Hately Vincreator
» Steve Manholliber
» Mandy Meekway
» Ronald Royce Virtueson

World Wide News Network [WWNN.co.uk] is still accepting Contributor and News Researcher applications. If you’re interested, why not give it a try. Contact us and state your interest in becoming one of the correspondents for WWNN.co.uk

For questions, comments, and suggestions, you can send an e-mail to inquiry [at] wwnn.co.uk