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Elinor Burkett: A Kanye Moment at the Oscars Video

Written by: on 8th March 2010 |
elinor burkett
Elinor Burkett: A Kanye Moment at the Oscars Video  | read this item

The 82nd Academy Awards has been packed by a lot of unforgettable moments this year. Aside from unexpected winners, hilarious speeches, history makers and most of all “Kanye Moments”. The latter literally mean, someone has interrupted someone who has been making an acceptance speech. Just like what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift during the Video Awards Music Awards last year.

At the Oscars, the mentioned moment happened once more, and this time it is not done by Kanye West but by Elinor Burkett to Director Roger Ross Williams of Music by Prudence. Burkett, who happened to be the producer of the film, interrupted Williams as he delivered his acceptance speech. The film got the Best in Documentary (Short) category. It is in the rules that only 1 representative would be allowed on stage. Burkett began saying that she was not happy with the film. “It’s not what I envisioned when I came up with this project,” she said.

Williams answered her, “She pulled a Kanye. And it’s a shame, because this is such positive, happy film.” He added, “It’s such a career achievement, to win an Academy Award,” he said. “I’m so proud of the movie .”

Williams and Burkett had a bad difference over the direction of the film that resulted in a lawsuit that has settled amicably out of court. Williams told Salon that Burkett removed herself from the project because she wanted more creative control. “I own the film. She has no claim whatsoever. She has nothing to do with the movie. She just ambushed me. I was sort of in shock.” Williams said.

You can watch the moment below:
YouTube Preview Image

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