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EPPICard: ATM Card that Adds Burden to the Unemployed

Written by: on 9th September 2010 |
EPPICard: ATM Card that Adds Burden to the Unemployed  | read this item

EPPICard: ATM Card that Adds Burden to the Unemployed – After failure in various occasions to pass a Tier 5 Extension Bill, the decision of various states to use EPPICard, proves to be an added burden in claiming unemployment benefits.

First off, these cards most of the time charges fees in claiming unemployment benefits. These are charges which are not supposed to even be there in the first place. What is the logic of even charging someone who had been kicked out of work and is seeking another employment? Silly indeed.

In June 20, the Fayetteville Observer reported that administrative fees plague unemployed consumers who can ill afford to pay. Instead of easing the payment method for state benefits, the card even made the payment harder and more taxing for those claiming such benefits.

The ATM card-style distribution system was designed to make it easy for the unemployed to access their benefits money. Unfortunately, numerous media reports have indicated that the program failed to go off without a hitch.

What’s worst with the EPPICard, is that when you try to call their customer service about the problems with your card, they will charge you for doing that. So far, 19 states use the EPPICard cash payday system, and most of those using it have experience difficulty in the system.

Many said and suggested that a return to paper checks and direct deposit will be more convenient and economical.

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