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Eva Mendes Sex Tape Video is funny and sexy

Written by: on 6th August 2010 |
Eva Mendes Sex Tape Video is funny and sexy  | read this item

Eva Mendes S.EX Tape Now For Sale – Eva Mendes had made it clear that she want to do her own Tape video and indeed she had this opportunity. Eva Mendes also made sure that her tape will be available online for everyone to see.

Intriguing? Yes indeed. True? Yes indeed.

Eva Mendes did a clever job of coming up with a very eye catching and marketing savvy script for her Funny or Die video. Thanks to Mindrelaxingideas for this information shared to us.

Here is Eva Mendes video.

Eva Mendes Sex Tape from Eva Mendes

Turns out however that what Eva Mendes is saying is a legitimate tape product which means Secure Extremely Well Tape of SEX Tape. Even Google is confused with this product of Eva Mendes.

It also shows the trick that real companies might do to catch the attention of consumers online.

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