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Father’s Day Quotes: Remembering Dads Who Passed Away

Written by: on 20th June 2010 |
Father's Day Quotes: Remembering Dads Who Passed Away  | read this item

Happy Father’s Day! Today we would like a memorable Happy Father’s Day message to all. We would like to commemorate and celebrate the lives and importance of Father’s who are still here with us but also of those who had already lived their life fully.

There are many of us who already lost their father. These are the people who had felt terrible during the time that happened. Most, I know have regretted that they have not been given a chance to even say I love you or to forgive their father for the wrong they have done or worst to even say sorry for the wrong they have done to their dad.

But nevertheless, the feeling we have will not bring back our father. It will never be enough to pay for lost time and the wanting to be with our father again.

That is why this Father’s Day it is important to always remember that even though we are no longer with our father. Even though he had already passed into the next life, he will always be with us. Whatever and whoever we are now are in someway a vision of what he is to us. His character and thoughts are somehow implanted in us.

This Father’s Day, let me share with you the Happy Father’s Day message from the song of Luther Vandross entitled, “Dance With My Father Again.” a tribute to Father’s who had been a part of our lives.

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Happy Father’s Day!

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