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FIFA World Cup 2010 Quarterfinals: Paraguay vs Spain Online

Written by: on 4th July 2010 |
FIFA World Cup 2010 Quarterfinals: Paraguay vs Spain Online  | read this item

Paraguay vs Spain would be the closing match for the World Cup 2010 quarterfinals. The first game ended in a very shocking way as Germany defeated Argentina, 4-0. Everyone is now focusing on this last game as to who will face Germany in the semifinals.

The World Cup 2010 turned out to be a game in which you cannot predict the winners until the end. During the Round of 16 experts were already saying that at the finals Brazil and Argentina would meet each other. Look at the statistics now, Brazil was defeated and then Argentina was routed. The last four in this tournament are Netherlands, Uruguay, Germany and the winner of this match.

There is only one South American in the match and if Paraguay wins they would be the second. It would be a battle between South America and Europe and in the end it could be the same or a battle between champions of the same continent.

Will David Villa rise again in the aid of Spain and claim his seat as the World Cup 2010 best player? Well let’s see as this match unveils live at ESPN and ABC, also live online at ESPN3.com.

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