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Final Fantasy 4 Beta Test Started

Written by: on 3rd September 2010 |
Final Fantasy 4 Beta Test Started  | read this item

Final Fantasy 4 Beta Test Started- The latest installment in the Final Fantasy series begins beta testing. Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) beta will be open to players worldwide including those from Japan, North America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East and Oceania and Other Regions. The official FFXIV game will be out on September 30 for the PC and in March 2011 for Playstation 3.

The FFXIV beta test begins Tuesday but was suspended when Japanese gamemaker, Square Enix discovered critical bugs in the game. The open beta testing then commenced at 7 p.m. Pacific time Wednesday. This will be Square Enix’s first exploration into the MMO genre since it launched its Final Fantasy XI in 2002.

The ongoing FFXIV beta test is open only for PC users. To register for FFXIV beta test click on the Entry page for Final Fantasy XIV and obtain a beta key. You can also visit the registration site directly and once you receive an email from Square Enix with your key, you need to log into your account management and register the key.

There will be heavy server load since it is a new game and beta test is beginning. The following servers will be available for play:

* Besaid – initial town in FFX
* Cornelia – initial town in the original FF
* Figaro – Edgar’s castle from FF6
* Gysahl – a town from FF3
* Istory – a town from FF5
* Kashuan – an enemy castle from FF2
* Lindblum – castle from FF9
* Mysidia – A town in FF4
* Trabia – a region in FF8
* Wutai – a small village in FF7

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