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Find Mrs. Pac Man and Play Pacman 30th Anniversary Game

Written by: on 28th May 2010 |
Find Mrs. Pac Man and Play Pacman 30th Anniversary Game  | read this item

Pac Man 30th anniversary just didn’t end up when Google removed its Google Pac Man game in Google Doodle some day ago. With its success as the very first interactive Google Doodle, a lot of people still clamor for Google Pac Man game. Fortunately, Google made a separate homepage for these Google Pac Man game players at www.google.com/pacman to continue their arcade game experience playing the Google Pac Man game using the logo of Google as the maze.

Many Pacman arcade gamers didn’t know that Google Pac Man game can be played in 2 players. Yes, you can play with your friends in Google Pac Man game. While the original plan is to mimic the arcade games before by having an “insert coin” button beside the search button in Google in order to play Google Pac Man game, pressing the “insert coin” twice will enable the second player. Thus, Mrs. Pac Man will occur and then you can now play with 2 players in Google Pac Man game.

Using the control keys in Google Pac Man game is not so difficult as you may have known. The arrow keys can be used by the first player representing Pac Man while the keys WASD can be used by the second player representing Mrs. Pac Man. Well, that’s it! I hope you enjoy playing Google Pac Man game. Let’s wait for the next interactive Google Doodle. Will it be Tetris?

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