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Funny Halloween Costumes Ideas For Couples 2010

Written by: on 30th October 2010 |
Funny Halloween Costumes Ideas For Couples 2010  | read this item

It’s time for a Halloween party tonight with your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. You should not look like two people who are not together – so here are some last minute Halloween costume ideas for couples this 2010.

We suggest you go for the funny concept, that’s the easy option for last minute preparations. So enjoy these Halloween costume ideas – all funny, easy and cheap to make.

So remember, to have complimentary costumes. You’re a couple so when people sees one of you, people should ask, “Where’s your partner?”

Now a classic, the Twilight Halloween costume – best for adult and be Edward and Bella. The guy can just put on a lot of foundation, some “guyliner” and waxed hair.

Another easy costume you can do last minute today is an Avatar Couple Costume – just rent some wigs, put on some blue make-up and dress like a native.

Our last suggestion for a Halloween costume idea for couples is Barack and Michelle Obama. Just wear something formal and classy and have US Flag pins on you so they’ll get the idea.

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions. Do check out our other Halloween costume ideas articles.

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