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Game Tips: Sniper Assassin 5 Walkthrough and Cheat

Written by: on 10th October 2010 |
Game Tips: Sniper Assassin 5 Walkthrough and Cheat  | read this item

Here’s a gaming tip for everyone – Sniper Assassin 5 Walkthrough

Mission 1 – There are four snipers the farthest one is standing on the roof the Mid-left building. Zoom in and shoot!

Mission 2 – Kill all the snipers shooting at you. One is hiding inside, you can only see the fire burst from his rifle.

Mission 3 – Shoot the power cable, shoot the wood under wheels of truck to make it move back covering the guard. Shoot everyone from left to right.

Mission 4 – Shoot all the snipers, they can evade your shot just be patient and kill them all.

Mission 5 – Shoot all the green part of the bombs, the farthest bomb is located at the left side of the screen, Zoom in.

Mission 6 – Wreck the car, no time limit just wreck the car.

Mission 7 – Shoot all the snipers, but beware, watch Marco’s back there are 3 enemies who will try to move in and attack him from behind.

Mission 8 – Shoot the pipe head on top of the guard on standing on the roof to make him move to the right. Shoot him in the head and watch as his blood short-circuits the bullet proof window. Shoot the guy inside then shoot everybody.

Mission 9 – Depending on how good you are with this type of mission this mission will either be easy or hard for you. Just jump across the platforms, the leader will eventually reach the end of the platform where he trips and hangs on. You are now given a choice to Kill him or Save him. The next mission and ending sequence will depend on your choice here :)

Mission 10 – Kill: Quickly shoot the circular light bulbs to distract the guards in front. Quickly shoot them before they reach the bulbs and call for backup. Zoom in and shoot the bee’s nest on top the guard standing under the tree, wait for him to be chased off the screen. Shoot the right flower pot to make it fall and hit the guard on the right side of the door. Shoot the guard on the left as he walks and investigate his fallen comrade. Shoot the two guards walking inside the mansion, make sure they are not looking at each other.

Mission 10 – Save: Kill all the guards, till you reach the end of the sewer, to open the door find the keycard under one of the barrels on the left side. Enter the numbers to open the door.

Mission 11 – Shoot all the attacking guards, game over if the all of the policeman is killed.

Mission 12 – Shoot Mr.J 3 times, do not hit anyone else.

Mission 13 – Shoot Lee, wait for him on one side of the tree, controlling your crosshair is really hard since you are shot so following his movements will make it harder.

Congratulations, you just finished the game!

Now here’s a cheat – did you know that the ending will change depending on the choice you made, you can do another run or just enter the code “runaway”.

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