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Gay Marriage Now Legal in Argentina

Written by: on 17th July 2010 |
Gay Marriage Now Legal in Argentina  | read this item

“Society has grown up. We aren’t the same as we were before,” says Sen. Daniel Filmus as he urge fellow lawmakers to support making Gay Marriage legal in Argentina. He urges lawmakers to pass the law to show the world how much Argentina has matured.

Argentina had become the first country in Latin America to legalize same sex marriage. Through this new law, it grants gays and lesbians all the legal rights, responsibilities and protections that marriage brings to heterosexual couples.

The debate had been unprecedented, there are also lots of people showing up for and against the proposed Same Sex Marriage Law. After the dust had settled 33 lawmakers voted in favor of making Gay Marriage legal against 27 who voted against and 3 who abstained.

The Argentina senate vote ended at 4:00am. The lower house of Argentina had previously approved the same gay marriage legalization law, and it is expected to be signed by Agrnetina President Cristina Fernandez who is also a strong supporter.

Argentina is expecting a huge wave of gays and lesbians who would immediately apply for marriage license as soon as the law becomes effective. The Roman Catholic Church who campaigned heavily against the bill can do nothing more about it and Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglia just expressed his disappointment, “Everyone loses with gay marriage, and children need to have the right to be raised and educated by a father and a mother.”

Same-sex civil unions have been legalized already in Uruguay, Buenos Aires and some states in Mexico and Brazil. Mexico City has legalized gay marriage. Colombia’s Constitutional Court granted same-sex couples inheritance rights and allowed them to add their partners to health insurance plans. Argentina however is the first country in Latin America to grant full rights and responsibilities to gay couples nationwide.

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  1. Keith Richard Radford Jr says:

    So it “can never happen again” is a viable statement, Look, we have just gone through the most STUFF! the quakes, surnames, wars you name it I served in China were people told me, ‘we don’t have earthquakes’ and many other natural disasters in recent years concerning our earth. We have been knocked around by big talk and actions that did not look for a meaning, only the sell of or the profiting by for conservative values like the sex registry and the 9 out of 10 new crimes committed by people not on the registry showed real planning ,,, huh? when all the negative things done to people to harm them is just worthless since only 3 to 4 out of one hundred ever recommit a crime and the droves of cases say sex is not to be legislated by any one, this is a viable concern when people place their poo butts into others lives in my humble opinion documenting and showing the mass bludgeoning of by/for/in/concerning humanity for the entertainment of people not willing to open their eyes to what really happens/happened/transpired and the idiocy of the mindless hoards of numb drummer beating the bush to see what springs forth, expending energy disrupting what is natural in all species of life for some conservative idea like the sex offender registry is as much help to us all as iron bull mud flaps on a bowling ball. I have to say that is the response I would look for in a president when the conservatives are still wire tapping every phone and pushing the same polices use to get Nixon thrown out of office and police are pushing kids off bicycles. [see it on YouTube] pressure is not the answer and knowing is so it “can never happen again” Yes we have their tails slammed in the door and there is no way out of the fact that or existence requires sexual activities and some small children do black male for sexual gratification for what ever reason and are willing to point the finger after their initiation and threats in order to divert blame and there will always be an ambulance chaser willing to chase skirt instead for the money, but since when do we all make it the national pass time when all it takes is some old guy to pretend too be a kid on line and some sap will take the jail bait every time perpetuating a gulag that would quite likely end if their desires were not a felony to act out on screen instead of having an interstate affair concocted to divert attention from a death penalty case when that case is just another mob action to cover the fact that the ones guilty are the ones pointing the fingers because they are inocent? my big fat butt, it’s the other way around and the touch of one human to another is what we need more of? It just does not equate and is a ridiculous commitment of time over manipulation of law. The deviancy is the thinking that some magic law will make the world better with no intimacy in it toward one another and that selling some device to ID everyone will give the power of control to the right person when we can see who thinks they are the right person orders militiamen to burn and bulldoze a church with 1,500 people inside? Sex laws are the culprit, 6-8-2010 Rochester, New York Mr. Quinn was murdered and they called it a beating death the murders, [Yes: a small mob was their inciting a man much like the Troy Davis case being tried in the same state of mind] are free but they held one person in lieu of a 15K bail the when sex offender usually get a million dollar bail and they wont call it murder?
    End Sex Laws Now! signed the twice chipped guy