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Get Your Free iPhone 4 Bumper Case Now

Written by: on 25th July 2010 |
Get Your Free iPhone 4 Bumper Case Now  | read this item

Antennagate. well there’s an app for that and that is the iPhone 4 case program. Well that is the summary of jokes coming out for the free iPhone 4 bumper case which had been Apple and Steve Job’s solution for problems with the iPhone 4 antenna.

What’s sad with the solution says many experts and tech news writer is the fact that your free iPhone 4 bumper case will not be selected by you. The type of free iPhone 4 case that you will get entirely depends on Apple.

If you already purchased an Apple iPhone 4, then you will just have until August 22 to submit a claim and get your free iPhone 4 case in a random color. Those who have not yet purchased the phone on the other hand will also be given 30 days to claim their free duct tape free iPhone 4 case.

However, a word of caution because Apple only gives the free iPhone 4 case until September 30 and beyond that you have to pay for them at about $30. Plus, Apple might release an update to address the iPhone 4 problems.

Apple says that it will not also be a problem if there are customers who already bought the iPhone 4 bumper cases because they will be ready to refund them. If they purchase it via credit card, their statement will be updated with a refund note on the bumper sticker, meanwhile for cash customers they can fill out a claim at this link.

So if you need those antenna signal to be fixed then hurry and download the iPhone 4 Bumper case free program directly through Apple and Steve Jobs.

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  2. K P Marahatta says:

    I need iphone 4 bumper case, because iphone 4 has got poor net reception.