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Glenn Beck Resigned to Fate with Macular Dystrophy

Written by: on 21st July 2010 |
Glenn Beck Resigned to Fate with Macular Dystrophy  | read this item

Glenn Beck’s Macular Dystrophy Update July 20 – “If you need my eyes, they’re yours,” says Glenn Beck the popular host of Fox News Channel show `The Glenn Beck Program.’

Beck is also said to be suffering from stress and anxiety over his diagnosis since he can’t accept that very soon in the future he won’t be able to see his children and his wife, this scenario scares him a lot.

Glenn Beck’s Macular Dystrophy is affecting his vision and according to him, his doctors say that he might get blind next year or he might not get blind. This was a shocking revelation to fans and those present at his “American Revival” meeting in Salt Lake City on Saturday.

Glenn Beck told this revelation about his Macular Dystrophy at his tearful speech during the event. The video below shows Beck telling the audience, “I can’t focus my eyes.”

Taking a shot at health care reform, Beck said, “I went to the best doctor I could find, while I could still go to the best doctor I can find.”

YouTube Preview Image

At 46 years old, Glenn Beck’s Macular Dystrophy if it did affect his eyes will also affect his hosting career at Fox News. Beck earns as much as $32 million (2009-2010) according to Lacey Rose, Forbes magazine, April 26, 2010.

Glenn Beck’s Macular Dystrophy if unattened and if it proceeds will affect the hosts ability to focus and will affect his important day to day activities like writing, driving, reading the newspaper etc.

Macular dystrophy is an eye disease which is genetic or gene-type in nature, meaning it is inherited and past on from generation to generation. The disorder causes progressive vision loss and affects the retina, specifically cells in a small area near the center of the retina called the macula. The macula is responsible for sharp central vision, which is needed for detailed tasks such as reading, driving, and recognizing faces.

Glenn Beck is also a conservative radio and television host, political commentator, author, and entrepreneur. His authorship career include six books which had been tagged as New York Times bestsellers.

We hope that there is still something that can be done to cure Glenn Beck’s Macular Dystrophy.

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