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Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally Attendance: What Do You Think?

Written by: on 3rd September 2010 |
Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally Attendance: What Do You Think?  | read this item

Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally Attendance: What Do You Think? – The rally which gathered Americans from all walks of life in Washington DC and led by conservative radio and television host and political commentator, Glenn Beck had been controversial recently. The controversy? “How many attended the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally?”

There are varying estimates as to the attendance of the said rally. The most conservative of which is from CBS which claims that around 78,000 to 96,000 people were in attendance during the Glen Beck’s rally.

The rally dubbed as “Restoring Honor” was a values and patriotism event aimed to restore honor in America and to raise funds for the non-profit Special Operations Warrior Foundation in honor of war veterans.

Glenn Beck and his supporters which includes former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Alveda King were criticized for holding the rally at the Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial was the site where the icon of the American African civil rights movement Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his historic “I Have a Dream” on its 47th anniversary.

Glenn Beck and rally organizers contested the numbers from CBS and said that the crowd was about 800,000 to a million. Other media outfits seems to agree as NBC News and MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough estimated 500,000 people while The New York Post reported “an overflow crowd of 300,000 people”.

Based on some photos we have of the Restoring Honor Rally we cannot have a good estimate of the crowd. We do however believed that what sparks the controversy is the fact that the rally is being dubbed as an anti-Obama sentiment rally.

What do you think of the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally? How many did attended it? Do you think they should not have made the rally at the Lincoln Memorial? Share us your thoughts and comments.

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  1. Donna Gregor says:


    There were at least 650,000 people at the Rally. If you really want the numbers, go to the sorce DO NOT really on the MSM who leans left except for foxnews. As you can see 200,00 occupation on the right and about 350, 00 on the left, not to mention who was behind BECK and also in the parking lot behind the Lincoln Memorial. Perhaps you can get your facts straight You don’t base the estimation of the crowd,if you were listening BECK told you exactly what the left and right of the Memorial holds excluding the parking lot, shotty workmanship I must say. If I had hired you, I would have fired you!

  2. Pascale agnel says:

    96,000? 500,000? That’s still a lot of idiots!

  3. Beck/Palin for Theocracy 2012! says:

    Donna, it’s “shoddy”. You’re fired for the workmanship of your basic spelling.

    Funny how things are “radical” when it’s just a few on the left, but when it’s only a few on the right, “mainstream” becomes a pejorative.

    Neocons, stop dragging down the USA. We, the mainstream who think on our own are tired of it, we see your games.

    You can also forget Palin for anything resembling serious office. Americans do not want her Theocracy, her hypocrisy, and her hate-mongering.

    Wake up and realize that while Obama is not perfect, he’s doing his best to fit America into the new world that’s developing all around us. While teabaggers are busy ignoring the fact that the Medicare many of them use is already as “socialist” as possible by definition, the Chinese are putting the final touches on making America obsolete.

    So keep it up, Donna, you’re part of the problem squabbling about the attendance numbers at Beckapalooza. 600,000? 800,000? Big deal. A Garth Brook concert draws about 750,000, and who really listens to Garth Brooks anyway?

    What’s the difference between Palin and a radical Muslim Theocrat? Lipstick.

  4. Karen O. says:

    Don’t forget the field in front of and around the Washington Monument. I was there and the metro system was packed! Throughout the Rally people continued to arrive. Many coming over the hill past the Washington monument.

  5. Dixie Kuhn says:

    I am in agreement with the above. It is such a shame that we do not have crediable media in our country anymore. I was there! 350,000 on the left and 250,000 on the right is the best guestament…. In addition you were not able to see all of the people there beneath the trees. This is where I was sitting. Jammed packed! All the walkways were full to the brim as well. Not withstanding the people all the way back to the Washington Monument. As for Martin Luther King and would have been honored to have such a rally. He certainly would not have been opposed to anyone having such a rally on the day he had his event at the Lincoln Monument. He was a wonderful man and
    I believe he would have been fully in favor of bringing like minded citizens together. This is what he walked for. He would be apalled with the black panthers, and his own people not following his dream. Since Obama has been in the Presidency, here is more division between blacks and whites in my opinion. This is not what MLK would have wanted to happen. We are all human beings, doesn’t matter what color we are. A childrens song “red and yellow, black and white all are precious in his sight ( if you don’t know that song that means Jesus’sight. My estimate of the # of people at the event is between 800,000 and a million.

  6. Frank Moraes says:

    There has been ONE scientific study of the size of the rally. It was performed by a legitimate company that has been doing this sort of thing for over ten years. (CBS did not do the estimate; they hired the company.) The 87,000 +/- 9,000 estimate is based on high-resolution photographs taken from balloons. These photographs where then independently analyzed by three experts. All other “estimates” are simply people guessing. Given the choice between the scientific methodology and everyone else’s, “Gee, there sure were a lot of people at the rally” estimates, I’ll go with the scientists.

    Truth is not found by taking a poll. What does it matter what people “think” the size of the rally was when we have actual experts who have given us the answer–with error bars! If a majority of people think the earth is flat, does that make it so?

  7. Jeff Kerr says:

    Glenn Beck is one of the best things that has happened in America for a very long time. He is just what our country needs! Glenn tells it like it is and always backs it up with raw facts. What a great guy, and a great patriot!

  8. Tim Fisher says:

    Beck is a racist, anti-American wind bag.

  9. Eric says:

    Anybody who went to the Beck Indoctrination Session to do something other than hold signs that said “Look At All The Stupid People” is a complete moron and a threat to themselves and others. Only the dumbest of the dumb actually believe what Beck and FOX News have to say. But to be truthful, there are a lot of dumb Americans. Scary, really…

  10. Vance says:

    Is he backing up raw facts when he decided that he mispoke when he called our president a racist? Or when he talked about murdering Micheal Moore? Or when he pretends to cry on camera?
    Do you people REALLY believe him?

  11. Grant Evans says:

    I was at the rally. There was easily 300,000 in the “core crowd” (those near the reflecting pool between the Lincoln Memorial and the WW2 Memorial standing shoulder to shoulder). Between the WW2 Memorial and the Washington Monument and milling around the core crowd just trying to find a way in was another 300,000. Plus there were people getting there late due to the overwhelmed subway system. Over all I would say the total number actually participating in the Restoring Honor rally to be around 750,000.

  12. Eric says:

    Grant, you are a moron. The crowd size was proven to be less than 100,000 at the peak, and it was proven by using accurate methods by an independent company. And why do you people who were dumb enough to attend Beck’s Live Book Sales and TV Show Commercial think you know how to accurately judge crowd size??? Oh wait, because BECK told you how many people were there! Unfortunately for you, beck knows nothing about crowd size, and even less about America. You know how I know that’s true? Because Beck himself will tell you. You do realize Beck has said many times that he makes his stuff up, is only for entertainment, and if you listen to him and believe what he says, you are an idiot. You know that, right, Grant? You are being played for a fool. And you ARE a fool. Beck

  13. Frank Moraes says:

    Grant Evans, is it just a coincidence that your 300K to 750K estimates are roughly the numbers that Glenn Beck has been pushing on Fox News?

    I don’t care so much about the politics of this, but the anti-intellectual, anti-scientific beliefs of Glenn Beck supporters is deeply troubling.

  14. Dixie Kuhn says:

    kes no difference how many were or were not at the rally. All who were there were blessed and love our country and want the best for all, even you.