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Good Morning America! Good Morning Jessi Slaughter!

Written by: on 23rd July 2010 |
Good Morning America! Good Morning Jessi Slaughter!  | read this item

Jessi Slaughter on Good Morning America – I do not know why Good Morning America even bother to get an interview with this juvenile delinquent and YouTube sensation, Jessi Slaughter. Yes, Jessi Slaughter, the 11-year old hyper girl on YouTube gets an exclusive interview from American’s favorite morning show.

Jessi Slaughter talks about cyber bullying in Good Morning America. A topic which for me she is not even the right person to talk about it. Her videos features shots which a young girl should not be doing and her content are beyond what regular girls even do.

Good Morning America also reported that Jessi Slaughter will be entering a psychological counseling for what experts are calling “a stunning case of cyber bullying spinning out of control.”

“Because you hater-b*****s? You’re just, like, jealous of me,” she said in the original video. “Stop hating on me. I’m just a normal girl who’s perfect in every way and you’re just jealous,” says Jessi Slaughter on one of her YouTube videos.

Last report however which we heard is that Jessi Slaughter and her channel run under the username kerligirl13 posted videos in which she is shown using lots of “F” words and doing even sexy pose. This is said to be the main reason why supposed “hate” videos arise.

I do believe that this is no case of cyber bullying but someone who gets the dose of her own medicine. I do not pity Jessi Slaughter and I hope that Good Morning America also looks into how this whole mess about Slaughter started.

Well for those who did not watch Good Morning America here is the video of Jessi Slaughter’s interview.

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  1. Thank god says:

    Finally an article that’s making sense here.

  2. anonymous says:

    She just wants major attention. She’s already posted a new video saying it doesn’t matter to her. She needs a lot more than counseling. SHE is the cyber bully.

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