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Google Logo September 7, 2010 – The HTML5 Balls Video

Written by: on 7th September 2010 |
Google Logo September 7, 2010 - The HTML5 Balls Video  | read this item

Google Logo September 7, 2010 – The HTML5 Balls – So everyone was puzzled as to why some sees a weird Google Logo that’s composed of a bunch of balls that disintegrates and acts weird when you point your mouse at it. The balls then re-arrange itself and forms the Google logo once again after a couple of seconds.

Some sees the said HTML5 balls but most of us including me did not manage to see the astonishing disintegrating balls on Google Doodle. I am also wondering what is the significance of the HTML5 balls? Does it mean that Google will not be utilizing HTML5 in its search engine and create a web standard of using HTML5? Well we never know.

Now here is a video of the Google Logo for September 7, 2010 which they said is made out of HTML5. For those who have seen the said Google Doodle please share with us your comments.

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  1. Gus V says:

    i saw it this mornning, and i was liek wtf? than googled it to find out, but no one posted anything

  2. Dante says:

    I loved it. I thought that was so cool. Don’t know what HTML5 is but I loved it. Little disappointed that I had to google all weird to find out what it meant opposed to just clicking it like usual for more info but hey very very fun. Wonder what this means yet again for google.

  3. ad says:

    Its plain old HTML4+Javascript….
    Same principle as the fullerene ball of Sep 04

  4. Mary says:

    Yup. I came upon them first thing this morning. Very interesting – and clever – but I’m used to hovering over their logos to see what “day” they’re commemorating and this one won’t let me. I can’t right click over it either because it’s not there any more when I move my cursor there. Great fun though – in a very techsick sort of way! :)

  5. andrea says:

    today is my 58th birthday…and my son works for Google in Austraila…thought he did this as a gift to his mum…:0

  6. Jon says:

    I’ve seen them and was actually kinda confused. Usually you can hover over the google logo and find out the significance. This time you cannot even get near the logo to find out what it means!

  7. Michael says:

    Its GOOGLE’s 10th Birthday!!!

  8. Matt Vincent says:

    I saw them today in Video Game design class. Sadly.. the most entertaining thing I’ve done in a long time lol.