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Google Voice Allows Users to Make Google Call Anywhere

Written by: on 26th August 2010 |
Google Voice Allows Users to Make Google Call Anywhere  | read this item

Google Voice Allows Users to Make Google Call Anywhere – Google is expanding the capabilities of Google Voice. Now you will be able to use Gmail for your Google calls from any phone any where in the world. Users will also be able to setup their Gmail as an alternate route for calls they won’t be able to receive via their Android phone using Google voice app.

Google says that calls to the U.S. and Canada will be free for at least the rest of the year and calls to other countries will be billed at very very low rates, they say as little as $0.02 per minute.

You can check the Google voice box which would appear next to Google Chat in your list of forwarding phones and the next time someone calls your Google Voice number, Gmail will notify you of an incoming call. You can take the call or even listen in as the caller leaves a message, in a single step right from your computer.

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The feature will first be implemented in U.S. based Gmail users and will be presented to more users by the end of the year. Google will require you to install the voice and video plug-in if you haven’t already.

For more information, visit gmail.com/call.

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