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Halloween Food Ideas 2010 | Halloween Party: What To Serve

Written by: on 30th October 2010 |
Halloween Food Ideas 2010 | Halloween Party: What To Serve  | read this item

Tonight is the night for Halloween parties and if you’re hosting one or bringing something for potluck, what’s a good Halloween party food?

Now here are some great Halloween food ideas that both kids and adults will love. You can easily make your Halloween treats delicious and fun with these simple and cheap food ideas.

First of all, you can actually serve any food you like. You can bake cakes or serve cupcakes or cook pasta. The challenge is really how to make it appropriate for Halloween.

The cheapest and most simple thing you can do is to use food coloring. Make your cake green like slime, or your cupcake icing black or make your spaghetti sauce grey (so it would look like brains).

You don’t have to be artistic to serve great Halloween food. Just change the color and you’re good to go. Food coloring will not affect the taste so your delicious recipe will still be yummy.

And of course, you should also make some toasted pumpkin seeds.

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