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“Here you have” Email Virus Spreads

Written by: on 11th September 2010 |
"Here you have" Email Virus Spreads  | read this item

Web users are being warned against a new computer virus spreading through email. The worm is installed in the computer when the user clicks a link that points to a screensaver file that is disguised as a PDF file.

The worm will interfere with the security software on Windows-based computers and spread the message to everyone in the e-mail address book.

The email will have a subject entitled, “Here you have” or “Just for you”. Sometimes, the subject title is about free movie downloads and where you can find them.

If you have an antivirus software like McAfee, it will be detected as W32/VBMania@MM or W32/Autorun-BHO and should immediately be removed.

According to computer virus experts, the intention of the worm is to collect information about the user that is within the computer and send it out. It can also extract saved passwords in browsers.

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