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Honda Recall 2010 Announcement

Written by: on 10th August 2010 |
Honda Recall 2010 Announcement  | read this item

Honda Recall 2010 Announcement – Honda issues a recall for its automobile brands due to an ignition switch problem could allow the key to be removed without shifting the car into park.

For the third time in seven years, Honda Motor Co. is recalling vehicles from its’ Accord and Civic product lines, after it was once again found that the key could be removed from the ignition without putting the cars into park.

The new Honda recall affects 2003 Civic and Accord models, as well as Honda Elements from 2003 and 2004.

This is the third Honda Recall in seven years and had affected about 1.4 million Honda cars in all. The ignition issue had been a reoccurring problem for Honda since the 2003 release of various Honda car models.

Honda advise those that will be affected by this latest wave of Honda recall to call their local dealership of visit Honda’s website and clicking on Recalls, for them to know full instructions of the recall.

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