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Inception Movie Review and Ending

Written by: on 18th July 2010 |
Inception Movie Review and Ending  | read this item

The Inception Movie Review Receives Positive Feedbacks – The latest movie of Leonardo DiCaprio received positive feedbacks from various sources. The movie which tells the story about Dom Cobb, a thief who has the power to steal dreams but in the end he will do the reverse and instead implant a dream.

Inception is a movie produced and written by Christopher Nolan. Nolan is the same producer and writer of the movie The Dark Knight and Batman Begins.

Rotten Tomatoes who was very critical of their reviews on movies gave the Inception Movie review 84% approval rating garnering an average score of 8/10. This is based on the Inception movie review of 195 people.

Another top review site which made their own Inception movie review, Metacritic gave the film an average score of 76 out of 100 based so far on only 40 reviews from mainstream critics.

Magazines and critics that made “Inception” movie reviews gave generally positive reviews of the movie. They sighted the good plot and story telling of the movie as well as the acting of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone magazines said that it is a “wildly ingen ious chess game,” when asked about his Inception Movie review. Justin Chang of the Variety Magazine said that it is a “a conceptual tour de force”

The most positive tone in the Inception movie review came from Jim Vejvoda of IGN. Vejvoda rated the film perfect, deeming it “a singular accomplishment from a filmmaker who has only gotten better with each film”. Yet another magazine, Empire magazine gave it five starts, a rating which it rarely gives to movies.

Personally I could agree that when I did watch the Inception movie I was carried away with the puzzle and the deep detail the film has undergone. You will not be allowed to blink or otherwise you will miss part of the puzzle and the intricacy of the movie. Christopher Nolan had really made himself better and established with this film.

Despite the positive Inception Movie reviews from the general audience including me there are those that see it otherwise. David Edelstein of the New York Magazine even questioned why people are so much raving about The Inception.

One of the worst The Inception movie review came from Armond White of the New York Press which states in his comment and review the following:

“there’s a simple-minded sappiness at the heart of this cynical vision. if anything, the time and consciousness tricks stolen from The Matrix make Nolan a bastard Wachowski brother, not a son of Kubrick. Despite its big budget … Inception is full of second-rate aesthetics, yet when shoddy aesthetics become the new standard, it’s sufficient to up-end the art of cinema”.

Whatever people say in their Inception movie review one thing is for sure, this is a movie that is worth watching. Besides how the movie looks another thing hang in the balance and perhaps this is the reason why people are raving about The Inception.

In The Inception ending everything hangs and there is no closure to the movie. Nobody even thinks that the movie already ended. Well it might be too much to say or divulge The Inception ending but in time we will deal about that on another article.

So enjoy and have fun watching The Inception!

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