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Inception Movie Tops Weekend Box Office; Sorceress Apprentice Fails to Amaze

Written by: on 19th July 2010 |
Inception Movie Tops Weekend Box Office; Sorceress Apprentice Fails to Amaze  | read this item

Inception Movie review helps get top spot – The Inception movie reviews helped Chritopher Nolan’s film to be at the top of this weekends Box Office earning $60.4 million.

This is also Leonardo DiCaprio’s biggest record opening weekend surpassing his “Shutter Island” movie which opens at $41.1 million, the movie also topped the weekend when it opened.

We have talked previously about the good Inception movie reviews particularly the fact that Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 84% approval rating. I have also watched the movie and it is recommended that you watch it at least twice in order to really get a glimpse of things.

Though we also admit that this figures is way below the previous record of Christopher Nolan with “The Dark Knight” which opened during the same weekend and earned $158.4 million. Well the thing is Leonardo Dicaprio is alive and at that time Heat Ledger’s death contributed to the film’s popularity.

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Meanwhile, Nicolas Cage and Disney’s remake of Sorceress Apprentice seems not to impress movie goers so much or they might had been out-boxed by weekend competitors like Inception and Despicable Me.

I have watched the trailer of The Sorceress Apprentice and I think its a good film with matching high level effects. However, when it comes to the box office this weekend, Sorceress Apprentice only grossed $17.4 million which is still a far cry from its $150 million budget.

Disney’s producers and even Nicolas Cage was baffled about what happened to the Sorceress Apprentice viewers reception but perhaps some of you who might have watched it already have an idea. We would be delighted to know it.

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We would also like to share you the theatrical trailers of Inception and The Sorceress Apprentice.

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