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Inception vs SALT at the Weekend Box Office

Written by: on 26th July 2010 |
Inception vs SALT at the Weekend Box Office  | read this item

Inception Tops Weekend Box Office Anew – Leonardo DiCaprio’s Inception tops the Weekend Box Office for the second consecutive week and managed to out-gross Angelina Jolie’s SALT. SALT opens a box office gross of $36,500,000, while Inception muster $43,505,000.

The movie of Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie about stealing and then putting a dream into someone’s head still amazes many movie goers. Some of those who went to the second week of the screening of Inception were second or third time watchers.

“Inception is a mind boggling film and sometimes you need to see it twice to get the whole sense and logic of the movie,” says one moviegoer in New York.

Inception had already earned $143,663,000 to date, only $16million short of its production cost.

In SALT, Angelina Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, who is accused of being a KGB sleeper agent, and goes on the run to try to clear her name. Although many expects the movie to top the weekend box office, it seems dream is better than reality.

Other films that continue to be strong on the Weekend Box Office Top 10 are Despicable Me in third place with a weekend gross of $24,100,000 ($161,700,000 in total for three weeks), and Toy Story 3 which is now on its sixth week on the Top 5 of the box office chart. Toy Story 3 already grossed a total of $379,529,000.

Here are the rest of the list of the Weekend Box Office Top Ten:

1. Inception – $43,505,000 – $143,663,000
2. Salt – $36,500,000 – $36,500,000
3. Despicable Me – $24,100,000 – $161,700,000
4. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – $9,685,000 – $42,643,000
5. Toy Story 3 – $9,030,000 – $379,529,000
6. Ramona and Beezus – $8,000,000 – $8,000,000
7. Grown Ups – $7,600,000 – $142,412,000
8. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – $7,033,000 – $279,674,000
9. The Last Airbender – $4,173,000 – $123,264,000
10. Predators – $2,850,000 – $46,568,000

You can view more details of the Weekend Box Office here.

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