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Insipid: An Upcoming Film or Just a Video

Written by: on 22nd July 2010 |
Insipid: An Upcoming Film or Just a Video  | read this item

Insipid Movie Trailer – An uploaded video in YouTube entitled, “INSIPID Movie Trailer” is getting interest from the online community. Although there are tons of searches on “Inspid” the most logical is this video from a certain director Agatha Vincent.

The supposed trailer features a 1:01 minute long video featuring a rather creepy music, jumbled letters, shaky camera, and the image of a man in the end. The film is said to be released, Halloween 2010.

The Insipid video also sows Twisted Pictures logo and Skruppy Puppy Films (never heard of that) at the beginning of the trailer. I know that Twisted Pictures is releasing SAW VII this Halloween so I am doubting this trailer.

Insipid’s executive producer as stated in the video is Colette Shiensky. The film also shows some names which might be the stars of the film which includes Jes Zbornak, Kristen Depp, and Dean Sales.

I think that this movie if indeed it would materialize is about a serial killer on the loose. Well here is the Insipid movie trailer and take a look for yourself.

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